Plan a Celebration

So we finished the project and now we needed to celebrate. We had to end the year-long process with a large celebration that brought all the hard work to an end, as well as the community of Frome together to help send the project off.

We decided what better way to send the project off than with our own literary festival in Frome. We wanted Frome to be immersed in words that emphasised the importance of literacy and reading. We thought about suiting the events to the different ages and abilities of the children, including SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities). We wanted everyone to be involved.

For the event, we collaborated with the venues involved to bring the component of reading, writing, speaking and words to the community. We displayed quotes all over the town. Some of the quotes were from children’s books and the children had to guess the name and author of the book it was from. There were pop-up events all around the town, from the Frome Library to The Cheese and Grain held throughout the day. We even got students from 10-11 schools to create bunting for the festival with their favourite words written on them, which gave us a nice little peek into their minds.

We wanted to make the celebration as fun and exciting as possible to end WordUP with a bang. And while the year-long project was done, it was certainly not over. We looked forward to continuing the work and hoped that our efforts inspired the community to extend their own hand toward the issue of literacy not only in Frome but around the nation as well.

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