Transition Projects

While we were instilling the importance of words and literacy around the community, we wanted to think bigger. We thought of other ways that we could engage and help with the literacy problem, to which we came up with the idea of a middle school transition project.

For the writing project, we worked with two middle schools in Frome and collaborated with the Heads of English at the middle schools and the Head of English at the secondary schools to see how we could help introduce students to more complex pieces of writing. With the students, we explored the idea of Armageddon and the ways in which language could be used to communicate catastrophe – think short sentences, adjectives and other writing techniques that engaged reader’s emotions. We also explored classic literature and more contemporary examples before we set them loose to work on their own piece of creative writing to explore the theme of Armageddon for themselves.

Aside from developing their writing skills, we also decided to take the time to share with them the importance of resilience and perseverance in dealing with change. We thought of it as a way to provide support for emotional  well-being and positive mental health as we talked to the students about how to manage change as they moved on to senior schools.


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